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Unusual, exotic, unique engagement rings? My boyfriend has hinted that he’d like to know what kind of jewelry?

bridal jewelry
Nurse B asked:

I’d like. I’m pretty nontraditional in most senses and don’t care for the gold, marquis style bridal sets.

I love unusual, unique jewelry in silver, titanium and platinum. I’m not against diamonds, I do have some girl like preferences, ha ha… Although I’d be just as happy with a peridot or amethyst.

Can anyone tell me some good places online to get some ideas? I have searched ‘engagement rings’ but get the usual big jewelry shops.

Thanks all!!
Thanks you two! I checked them both out and got some great ideas! I also found that has some GREAT things…

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what jewelry should i wear with my prom dress?

bridal jewelry
Rose C asked:

my prom dress is a strapless empire dress that is dark plummish purple, and the top part is a satiny purple which kind of folds over itself and the bottom is a rougher material that is sparkly. it’s pretty plain and i really wish i had a picture to post but i couldn’t find it on the david’s bridal website. i was just wondering what kind of jewelry would look best with my dress?

and i don’t know if this helps or not but i’m going to curl my hair and have it pinned up into a side ponytail like this:

also, all of my accessories (shoes + purse) are silver

sorry this is so long! thank you!!!

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How to repair discolored fashion jewelry?

fashion jewellery
Sara asked:

I have some rings and necklaces that I’ve gotten from various places like Target, Forever 21, Claires, etc. that I absolutely love, but a lot of them are starting to get discolored in places where the finish is coming off. Is there a way that I can repair this discoloration or a place where I can buy more finish to repair it? Thanks!

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How can i choose fashion jewelry?

fashion jewellery

I like fashion jewelry very much, And my best friend recommend me to a fashion jewelry store, I see and there are so many fashion jewelry in the store, i can not even decide which jewelry is the best ? Would you can distinguish what jewelry is the best jewelry, Please tell me your opinion.
And i will give you the best answer. Thanks very much!!

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what does 1/7 ct. t.w. mean, when looking at engagement rings or jewelry?

bridal jewelry
MaybeThisWay asked:

looking for cheap bridal set (rings)… just needed to know what above meant.

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jewelry help please?

bridal jewelry
xtcwmeg asked:

this is my wedding gown…

do you have any jewelry suggestions? i had intended on wearing a string of pearls, but it just doesnt look right together. any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks! 🙂

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which of these bracelets do you like most?

crystal bracelet
Jason F asked:

I want to buy one of these for my girlfriend. Ok I know they are very similar… but just for the record, I want to know which one you prefer:

The first

or the second ?

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How to keep my bracelet from pinching my wrist?

crystal bracelet
TheatreLover asked:

i have a stretchy bracelet, kinda like this one:

its cute but whenever i where it, it either pinches my skin or pulls my arm hair. any tips on how to keep that from happening?

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Does anyone know where i can buy a bracelet like this?

crystal bracelet
banana asked:

it’s the picture on the top of the screen….do you know where i can buy something like this?

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how much would this bracelet cost?

crystal bracelet
Tilly T asked:

i would like to sell these on etsy. about how much should i sell them for? they are made from swarovski crystals. the one in the second picture is made from swarovski crystals and sterling silver
sorry about the image quality.. and i know the bracelets in the first picture are kinda ugly but i just let my friend borrow my pretty ones
heres a better picture of the second one:

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