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ideas on vintage fashion?

fashion jewellery
3 asked:

vintage classics to do with fashion: jewellery, clothing, staples, timeless belongings?

any thoughts?

so far i have:
trench coat
shift dress
chain/chanel handbag

many thanks for your thoughts in advance!

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Beautiful Dress, Gorgeous Jewelry, No Idea?

bridal jewelry
Nidja F asked:

I have a dilemma:

Little black dress:

– I don’t want to wear the set together, because I feel like its too much.
But I thought I could just wear the earrings alone and find a matching bracelet.
And finding shoes doesn’t look good either…

Any advice? Or does anyone want to “link” me some ideas?

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does genuine crystal mean real crystal?

crystal earings
Like a Memory…. asked:

i bought some earings that say genuine crystal on them, i didn’t pay a lot infact they were 2.50, they were cheap becasue i bought them from the factory shop. i was just wondering thanks

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Which jewelry should I wear with this type of dress?

swarovski crystal necklace
? ? ??dd?d ??p ???p ? ? asked:

The dress is a stretchy tank on top and flares out at the bottom in a stiffer material. The top part is white, the bottom part is black, and it hits just above the knee.
Jewelry idea (casual)- A short necklace with a silver heart pendant & zebra striped hair clips.
Jewelry idea (fancy)- A Swarovski crystal choker with stud earrings and 2 crystal bobby pins.
The dress is rather casual, so I’d think the casual jewelry, but it’s for a special occasion, so I’m not sure if I should dress it up?


where can I find a swarovski crystal rosary?

swarovski crystal
lala Smith asked:

i’ve tried walmart and target and ebay to no luck :[


Is it more natural, if women get dressed up in simple and modest colors, no make-up, no jewelry, minim fashion

fashion jewellery
mahayi asked:

And men are dressed up in more sharp and bright colors and doing more fashion. (It is what should be, becuase males are supposed to be more stylish and colorful – it is more natural, just look at the peacocks or ducks etc – males are more attractive looking)


Where can I find a crystal heart like the one In the picture?

crystal necklace
Nicholas asked:

Well, I’m thinking about re-producing my own version of the Heart of the Ocean necklace from Titanic, so I figured I would ask where I can find the things to make it. First, I want to know where I can find a heart like the one in this picture. It has to be the same color too!


looking for AB crystal lettering for tshirts in lowercase font?

ab crystal
Tracy S asked:

Need to transfer them on tshirts. font is important


What to wear to a winter wedding?

beaded jewellry
knittedumbrella asked:

Ok ive sorted defo black tites, but is this ok for a wedding? Im so scared of looking partyish/clubish! My favourite is this first one… but here are some others tell me ur opinion and ideas please on jewellry too.





i took a shower with my swarovski necklace, now there’s a dirty spot under the crystal?

crystal necklace
hmmm. asked:

what should i do to clean it??
its’ a crystal but theres this dirty patch under the crystal…
how do i clean the chain?


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