what jewelry should i wear with my prom dress?

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Rose C asked:

my prom dress is a strapless empire dress that is dark plummish purple, and the top part is a satiny purple which kind of folds over itself and the bottom is a rougher material that is sparkly. it’s pretty plain and i really wish i had a picture to post but i couldn’t find it on the david’s bridal website. i was just wondering what kind of jewelry would look best with my dress?

and i don’t know if this helps or not but i’m going to curl my hair and have it pinned up into a side ponytail like this: http://www.celebritywonder.com/picture/Evangeline_Lilly/ActressEvang_Granitz_55796485.html

also, all of my accessories (shoes + purse) are silver

sorry this is so long! thank you!!!

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    February 22nd, 2011 02:23

    try nice big chandelier earrings (silver or gold… you decide) and bracelets that go with the earrings…

    or small-ish earrings, a choker (or a nice, not-too-long necklace), and bracelets.

    play around with it, see what you like the best, play with the colors it doesn’t necessarily have to be silver or gold (it’s just more formal.)

    have fun with it, GOOD LUCK.

    p.s I would love your dress.. 🙂

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    February 23rd, 2011 04:36

    The most classic and go well with pearl necklace or earring.

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