gold silver jewellery together help? (pics)?

crystal jewelery
557 asked:

i usually go for silver based or gold based jewellery but with this one outfit im thinking of wearing a nechlace similar to this:

which is gold/ copper baced

with this watch:

which is silver

do u think that will look ok…or should i go with only silver or gold

note: the necklace is not that one; it is similar but does not have as many beads on but the watch is the same as ther one in pic

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Jewelry making.what kind of wire do I use to make bracelets?

Swarovski beads
maria v asked:

I am a “newbie” at making jewelry and my first project will be a bracelet for a friend. I am confused as to what type of wire I need in order to string the beads. I plan on using some silver 7mm alphabet letters and some 6mm (not sure yet) swarovski crystals. Do I use stainless steel wire with a nylon coating like accu-flex? I plan on using .014″ diameter wire, is this too fine? There are just so many to choose from, please help!
I want something that has a drape, I think memory wire is too stiff

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i make earrings need a catchy name! which do u like best?

crystal earrings
Scarlett asked:

my daughter’s name is Katie Scarlett

like Katie…….
Katie’s Creations
Katie’s Beads
katie’s ??????

what u do think any suggestions? or scarlett …..somenthing

the earring are made out of crystals and silver and just regular wires and glass w/ crystals. I also make bracelets

anything will help
thanks so much
Wow! u are all good at this
hard to choose one!

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Does Swarovski sell their crystals individually?

Swarovski necklace
Christy asked:

A friend of mine went to NY and came back with some beads that she later strung into a necklace and earrings. She later claimed they were Swarovski after seeing some crystal I purchased. So I was wondering do they sell them individually like that. I didn’t think they did?

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jewelry experts pls. what are these necklaces called?

Swarovski pearls
Scarlett asked:

they are made with thread i think the same kind they use for pearls but in colors with swarovski crystals and pearls knotted no crimp beads kind of like the floating necklaces. i cant find them online i saw them in a store but very pricey i want 2 make me one can u help me with a website
i need the name or a website to find them
they are not childrens necklaces nor can be made by children

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Where can I buy really inexpensive swarovski crystals in bulk?

Swarovski beads
Kate asked:

I know where I can get 4 mm for 6 cents each, anyone know of beads for less than that?

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