Wedding dress, what jewelry to wear with it?

bridal jewelry
byrdie asked:

This is the dress I’ve bought:

What jewelry, if any, should I wear with it? I got the true white (not off-white) and had a pearl choker on when I went for my fitting. The lady who did my alterations advised me NOT to wear the pearl choker because it wouldn’t go with the beading on the dress. She suggested a diamond necklace – hah! As if I had one! I told her I don’t have any diamonds other than the one in my ring and she said “buy fake ones.” I kind of **** to run out and buy fake jewelry whent the pearls belonged to my mother and I have several old pieces of jewelry from my grandmothers. What do you think, ladies (or gents, if you care)?
They are very small pearls.

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where can i find/buy fine pearl and/or swarovski jewelry in manila?

Swarovski pearls
vepa814 asked:

i’d like give a gift to my sister, and she likes those things. can anyone suggest something?

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