how much should i expect to pay for a pair of chanel earrings?

crystal earrings
.:holly:. asked:

a pair of (costume jewelry) chanel earrings, silver plated with crystal detail. most chanel costume jewelry from ebay shops start at £120, how much are they worth?

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How much do the Chanel logo earrings cost?

crystal earrings
bria d asked:

Every size and its price please/
The silver and diamond/crystal ones!

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where can i buy those Chanel Crystal earrings in melbourne. They can be fake or real – doesnt worry me?

crystal earrings
bubble_gum-pop asked:

i havent found them anywhere.

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Chanel Earrings Fake or Real?

crystal earrings
shortyg6003 asked:

I am looking to find a nice gift for my sister. But i am not sure whether they are authentic or a good Replica.. Can you help me decide wether they are fake or the real ones… PLEASE REPLY Only if you know for SURE…. I **** TO GIVE MY SISTER REPLICAs for that price!!!
Please help
here is the site:

They no longer have them at the chanel stores. 🙁

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Chanel earrings?

crystal earrings
flower_3 asked:

Where can I buy replicas of the real ones? I don’t want to pay the $$ for the real ones 🙂 I tried ebay but they’re all real….thanks for your help!

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