What crystals can be used for phobias?

healing crystals
Juanita S asked:

I’m wanting to try crystal healing and was wondering if anyone knew or had experience with using crystals for phobias. If so which ones and how? And did it work?

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Crystal Healing, which crystals?

healing crystals
beamglimmer asked:

Hello. I need advice for a friend of mine. She is suffering from some kind of rheumatism (can’t raise her arms above shoulder height) and chronic breathing problems. Can anyone offer some advice on what crystals she should seek to heal her. Thanks.

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How is Selenite used in crystal healing, please give me some info?

healing crystals
Eonlord asked:

Ok, Ive heard and im interested in the uses of Selenite in crystal healing but how is it used and what are other objects needed wo work with selenite. Please give me information!

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Gem/Crystal Healing Therapy?

healing gems
Army Chick asked:

How does gem/crystal healing therapy work and how do you do it?

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