Looking for bridal jewelry, HELP?

bridal jewelry
Diane asked:

I am looking for good websites/stores for bridal jewelry. Pearls will NOT work, and I’m not trying to break the bank with this. I am thinking more along the lines of gold over silver (although champagne/bronze would be ideal) and clear beading/crystals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Crystals versus cubic zirconia?

crystal bracelet
SevenGirl asked:

What’s best, crystal’s or cubic zirconia? I’m trying to find a watch or tennis bracelet but don’t want to spend too much money. Should I buy one with cubic zirconia’s or crystals? Which is better?

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What crystals to use for good health?

crystal bracelet
chito asked:


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What do you think of this bracelet (picture)?

crystal bracelet
Sambal Oelek asked:


Its plated in silver and covered in clear crystals
I give thumbs up to most everybody, positive or negative opinion
How much do you think it would cost?


jet black earings dangly?

crystal earings
CDW asked:

im looking for jet black crystals earings that are dangly and or long and just something like that

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The crystals have fallen out of some of my jewelery?

crystal jewelery
Julnar asked:

some of my jewelery has been droped at different times and the crystals have fallen out, Ive got some but as I live in a place where jewelers only deal with gold I need to stick them back in myself, Does anyone know what the glue is called that is used for this??

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What kind of stone is this? And how much do you think its worth?

crystal jewelery
xDOLLxFACEx asked:

Thanks for reading!

My father-in-law works construction and found a big rock (with this in it) while digging in Eastern Washington state. He chipped off a few pieces and gave them to me as I often buy crystals/rocks for jewelery netting with hemp. But I buy them from local shops already marked with prices and labeled correctly lol

I’m going to make these pieces into necklaces but really aren’t sure of what to call them. Hes told me they are opal but I’d like to know more… I’m finding that there’s a lot of different types of opal out there!

1. What kind of stone is it?

I often sell/barter my necklaces at local events…

2. How much (in USD) do you think would be reasonable for pieces like these?

Thank you!

There’s two pieces from the same rock linked below!

Piece 1

Piece 2


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How can i turn a stone into jewelery?

crystal jewelery
Deesh asked:

I have a piece of Quartz. Ive had it for sooo loong. I have seen many people that sell spacers/Plugs out of stones and crystals. I was wondering how they do this and if i could. Im really artsy but i cant seem to figure this one out.

Please please helps me out. Im aiming for something that looks like this:

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how to prevent crystals to fall out (of jewelery)?

crystal jewelery
Amela asked:

I bought a new hello kitty ring, and now im scared taht as usually the crystals will chip off
is there any trick?

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should I wear soft gold or black strappy dress heels, also, with or without nylons?

crystal jewelery
bookworm60146 asked:

This is for a formal dinner on a cruise. Cocktail dress is black with spaghetti straps, vertical ruching across bust, and 2.5″ soft gold satin empire waist under bust. It also has a sheer black shoulder wrap. I will be wearing goldtone jewelery with crystals. Would soft gold strappy heels be okay to accent gold empire waist, or should I wear black shoes. Also not sure if I should wear nylons or not. I am fair skinned and my legs are white.

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