does genuine crystal mean real crystal?

crystal earings
Like a Memory…. asked:

i bought some earings that say genuine crystal on them, i didn’t pay a lot infact they were 2.50, they were cheap becasue i bought them from the factory shop. i was just wondering thanks

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what are those earings called that are shaped like flowers and have amazying crystal stones on it?

crystal earings
dreaming of you asked:

i really want them!

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jet black earings dangly?

crystal earings
CDW asked:

im looking for jet black crystals earings that are dangly and or long and just something like that

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Stiffening agent good for Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski beads
Autumn2005 asked:

I’m making a pair of earings with size 11 beads, Japanese and Czech, 4mm fire-polished beads, and Swarovski crystals. The earnings are kind of flimsy and collapse in on themselves. I’ve heard that soaking in floor polsh can help stiffen the design, but would polish damage the Swarovski crystals? What could stiffen the strands? I’ve tried both Nymo and Fireline, but neither work. Any advice? Thanks.

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