What gauge headpin fits a 3mm swarovski crystal?

Swarovski Crystal
chloe_matty asked:

I’m new to this and want to order 3mm faceted bicone swarovski crystal beads and need to know the gauge i should order so the headpin will fit the whole, i dont want it to not fit or be way to small, please help
I’m planning on making earrings to sell, I haven’t started ter obviously, so i’ll be experimenting when I get my stuff, thank you for the info!!! I was having the hardest time trying to figure out what to order 🙂

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Does Swarovski sell their crystals individually?

Swarovski necklace
Christy asked:

A friend of mine went to NY and came back with some beads that she later strung into a necklace and earrings. She later claimed they were Swarovski after seeing some crystal I purchased. So I was wondering do they sell them individually like that. I didn’t think they did?

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