How much does it cost to put a stone/diamond/crystal into a piece of jewelry?

crystal bracelet
Olivia A asked:

I bought a swarovski crystal ring offline about a week ago. It arrived on saturday and it’s HIDEOUS. The crystal doesn’t look like it did in the picture, it’s so much bigger and bulkier than thought it was. Basically, it looks like a huge, cheap, gaudy engagement ring. I can’t return it or exchange it either because it was on sale.. for 70 freaking bucks! :[ The crystal is swarvoski though, so it is worth something and I wouldn’t want to just throw it away or give it up. I don’t want to just hang the ring on a necklace or bracelet, but I think it’d be nice to place the crystal in a pendant to put onto a bracelet or necklace. Is that worth it though? How much does that normally cost? Do you think I should just try to resell the ring on ebay? I could reeeally use some advice! I’d appreciate it a lot. :]

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Question for jewlery makers, please help?

crystal earings
kristal w asked:

I made my first pair of guitar pick earrings the other day and ppl when wild for them. I was going to keep my first pair but a girl begged me for them so i sold them to her. I have been planing on designing jewelry for a while. I used to make necklaces all the time. One of my questions are what do i need to start making earrings, and necklaces. The other is where on the Internet is the cheapest place to get small beads (like if you say eBay be specific and tell what eBay store) and do you know a cheap place to get guitar picks. Guitar pick jewlery is one of my interest but i would also like to make simple earings with crystal beads.

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dose anyone know where you can sell uncut gemstones?

Chef Chris asked:

along my trips through the us i have collected quite a few uncut gemstones from mines all over mostly they are emeralds, sapphires and rubies. i’m not trying to sell them but i cant seem to find anyone here in my area, or even online. i always could sell them on eBay but i wouldn’t even know where to start on the price and i don’t want to sell them for well under what they are worth so can anyone help?

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how much should i expect to pay for a pair of chanel earrings?

crystal earrings
.:holly:. asked:

a pair of (costume jewelry) chanel earrings, silver plated with crystal detail. most chanel costume jewelry from ebay shops start at £120, how much are they worth?

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What is a good web site to find vintage Swarovski made jewelry?

Swarovski beads
clagodna asked:

I’m looking for some vintage items of Swarovski jewelry made by the Swarovski Company. When I use any search engine, I get tons of sites that have Swarovski beads or handmade items using Swarovski beads, but that’s not the jewelry made by Swarovski themselves. The Swarovski Club might be a site, but I’m not a member and I’m not planning on joinning since I’m really not a collector. Thanks for any help.
The problem with ebay is that everyone is selling the jewelry they made themselves with Swarovski beads. Also most of the other sites are selling the new Swarovski jewelry. I’m looking for vintage Swarovski made jewelry. Thanks

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Is Chanel Earring better with or without Pearl drop?

Swarovski pearls
ttdevelop asked:

I need some fashion advice from girls on this for my girlfriend’s birthday gift. Please help:

Sample Products (I’m not gonna buy from eBay…of course, but that’s the only place where I can find these pictures)

Chanel Earring with Pearl Drop:
Chanel Earring without Pearl Drop:
About her personality, she is like a combination. She has both sides which make it harder for me to decide. Her best friend has the Pearl Drop one and told me both should be fine.(Which doesn’t help, does it?)
She loves color pink and cyan. She admires Paris Hilton and watches Tila Tequila’s show, meanwhile she has blackbelt in Taekwondo, she did that for at least 6 years now and claims herself as a tomboy character. She lives on her own for two years, and takes care of both herself and her mom. She’s a tough girl who also loves pets and canvas paintings. So….with or without pearl drop…is really hard for me to see from analyzing her personality since I never had any experience with buying these accessories and all my female friends don’t seem to care about earrings at all.
And…she’s raised in a doctor family, both of her parents are doctors, and she dreams to be a successful doctor one day. Although she is definitely not poor, she often disses the shallow girls she knows. She often digs stylish and fashionable clothes. She is currently working at Abercrombie & Fitch and favors JuicyCouture. If any girls can help me analyze all this info and come up with a good choice, I would be very thankful.

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swarovski puzzle necklace?

Swarovski necklace
sakura asked:

any one know where i can buy this online!?!?!?
see pic

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Chanel Earrings Fake or Real?

crystal earrings
shortyg6003 asked:

I am looking to find a nice gift for my sister. But i am not sure whether they are authentic or a good Replica.. Can you help me decide wether they are fake or the real ones… PLEASE REPLY Only if you know for SURE…. I **** TO GIVE MY SISTER REPLICAs for that price!!!
Please help
here is the site:

They no longer have them at the chanel stores. 🙁

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I can’t decide which Tiara is best for my wedding?

Swarovski pearls
Milo asked:

Which one do you guys like best??
Please help 🙂


Thanks for your help everyone 🙂

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Did i get a good deal? Swarovski Crystal jewlery? picture available?

Swarovski necklace
Radertastic asked:

I bought this necklace and it seems to be a really good deal. BUT i don’t know much about jewlery.. is this a cheap necklace or will it be worth $20 bucks?

18 kt wh gold plated? Swarovski Crystal?

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