Unusual, exotic, unique engagement rings? My boyfriend has hinted that he’d like to know what kind of jewelry?

bridal jewelry
Nurse B asked:

I’d like. I’m pretty nontraditional in most senses and don’t care for the gold, marquis style bridal sets.

I love unusual, unique jewelry in silver, titanium and platinum. I’m not against diamonds, I do have some girl like preferences, ha ha… Although I’d be just as happy with a peridot or amethyst.

Can anyone tell me some good places online to get some ideas? I have searched ‘engagement rings’ but get the usual big jewelry shops.

Thanks all!!
Thanks you two! I checked them both out and got some great ideas! I also found HKjewellery.co.uk that has some GREAT things…

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Looking for bridal jewelry, HELP?

bridal jewelry
Diane asked:

I am looking for good websites/stores for bridal jewelry. Pearls will NOT work, and I’m not trying to break the bank with this. I am thinking more along the lines of gold over silver (although champagne/bronze would be ideal) and clear beading/crystals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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The crystals have fallen out of some of my jewelery?

crystal jewelery
Julnar asked:

some of my jewelery has been droped at different times and the crystals have fallen out, Ive got some but as I live in a place where jewelers only deal with gold I need to stick them back in myself, Does anyone know what the glue is called that is used for this??

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Seeking some simple tips on care for precious gemstones that are ring mounted?

Mantra asked:

Gemstone ring’s are made with high quality precious metals and gemstones, how do we take care of the shine and lusture of the metal and the gem. I am speaking about gold studded ruby and sapphire.

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Would gemstones get destroyed in a house fire?

Sid asked:

Talking about the valuable ones like gold, ruby, sapphire and diamond.

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