Question for jewlery makers, please help?

crystal earings
kristal w asked:

I made my first pair of guitar pick earrings the other day and ppl when wild for them. I was going to keep my first pair but a girl begged me for them so i sold them to her. I have been planing on designing jewelry for a while. I used to make necklaces all the time. One of my questions are what do i need to start making earrings, and necklaces. The other is where on the Internet is the cheapest place to get small beads (like if you say eBay be specific and tell what eBay store) and do you know a cheap place to get guitar picks. Guitar pick jewlery is one of my interest but i would also like to make simple earings with crystal beads.

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Is there a necklace atachment that con hold a guitar pick without damaging it?

Mike S asked:

I have the first guitar pick I’ve ever played an electric guitar with, and every performance that I’ve had it with me is flawless, and I would like nothing more than to not damage it, but still have it on a necklace.

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