Is smth specific for the jewelery of pearls?

crystal jewelery
Luma asked:

My necklages from stones bring me joy and luck, but even being in my horoscop the pearls don’t.
May be I should ask first the Spirit of Sea to bless them and to permit me to wear them?-This is imaginative question, but if there is ritual for “opening” the stones and I am practicing it /.synchronizing the crystals vibration to personal for feeling the stone uniq/what myths -and rituals are connected to pearls?
Thank you, Sarah ,for the very interesting site.
After reading in it about pearls I think I eprouve some complex about taking smth from an animal/I am ecologyst/
I cant support the thought that mollusk is being killed for the beauty it is producing – perhaps noone care if mollusks are dead or alive after their pearls being taken?

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how to prevent crystals to fall out (of jewelery)?

crystal jewelery
Amela asked:

I bought a new hello kitty ring, and now im scared taht as usually the crystals will chip off
is there any trick?

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should I wear soft gold or black strappy dress heels, also, with or without nylons?

crystal jewelery
bookworm60146 asked:

This is for a formal dinner on a cruise. Cocktail dress is black with spaghetti straps, vertical ruching across bust, and 2.5″ soft gold satin empire waist under bust. It also has a sheer black shoulder wrap. I will be wearing goldtone jewelery with crystals. Would soft gold strappy heels be okay to accent gold empire waist, or should I wear black shoes. Also not sure if I should wear nylons or not. I am fair skinned and my legs are white.

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What are the most sophisticated kinds of jewelery?

crystal jewelery
sockmonkeygirl333 asked:

I think pearls and crystals are very sophisticated. I just want to know what to wear to a formal occasion.

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Has anyone ever damaged your jewelery?

crystal jewelery
Benjamin asked:

I went to Walmart to have my watch battery replaced and they broke the crystal… Now I have to replace it at my expense! (because they made me sign a disclaimer before they worked on it). Has this ever happened to you or to somebody you know?!!! I am so sad/disappointed :'(

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gold silver jewellery together help? (pics)?

crystal jewelery
557 asked:

i usually go for silver based or gold based jewellery but with this one outfit im thinking of wearing a nechlace similar to this:

which is gold/ copper baced

with this watch:

which is silver

do u think that will look ok…or should i go with only silver or gold

note: the necklace is not that one; it is similar but does not have as many beads on but the watch is the same as ther one in pic

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instructions for swarovski jewelery?

Swarovski beads
simi1808 asked:

hi, does anyone know if, or where i can find online instructions for making jewelery out of swarovski beads?im having some books, but they are quite expensive in germany, and i would like to make something different! so i thought i could get some new ideas and instructions online! thanks

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