what jewelry should i wear with my prom dress?

bridal jewelry
Rose C asked:

my prom dress is a strapless empire dress that is dark plummish purple, and the top part is a satiny purple which kind of folds over itself and the bottom is a rougher material that is sparkly. it’s pretty plain and i really wish i had a picture to post but i couldn’t find it on the david’s bridal website. i was just wondering what kind of jewelry would look best with my dress?

and i don’t know if this helps or not but i’m going to curl my hair and have it pinned up into a side ponytail like this: http://www.celebritywonder.com/picture/Evangeline_Lilly/ActressEvang_Granitz_55796485.html

also, all of my accessories (shoes + purse) are silver

sorry this is so long! thank you!!!

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Jewelry question.plz help?

bridal jewelry
bloodykisses3685 asked:


so this is my dress im not really sure what kind of jewelry to wear do i wear a necklace with the neckline… Please help!!

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How to keep my bracelet from pinching my wrist?

crystal bracelet
TheatreLover asked:

i have a stretchy bracelet, kinda like this one:


its cute but whenever i where it, it either pinches my skin or pulls my arm hair. any tips on how to keep that from happening?

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For those who buy quality jewellery (sterling silver), how much do you spend on jewellery?

Swarovski pearls
cocoa.pod_stuff asked:

Just wondering how much money do you roughly spend on quality jewellery (sterling silver, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass)? I would also appreciate other info, like roughly how often you buy

Thank you in advance!

PS: Oh, if you are American, by jewellery I mean jewelry.
Please do not try to sell me something. That is not what I have in mind.

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has anyone ever heard of healing gem stones?

healing gems
Indiana Jones asked:

like certain stones ie… amithyst, turquoise, rose quarts. and so on
have emotional and physical healing powers if you lay them on you, wear them in jewelry, or put them in your pocket.
if you’ve tried it and it worked let me know please.

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Does anyone use healing crystals? Please help?

healing crystals
nite_angelica asked:

I am just becoming familiar with the uses of different crystals. Although I don’t think it’s actually considered a crystal, I’m very interested in puchasing moldavite.

My problem is that while doing research, I see that people are making ‘fake’ moldavite.

Does anyone know of a reputable dealer where I could purchase a piece of authentic moldavite or jewelry?


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Where’s a good place to purchase Aurora Borealis Crystal Stud Earrings online?

crystal earrings
eljaybee77 asked:

I’m looking for a reputable website that sells this type of jewelry. Swarovski preferred.

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Which Swarovski Crystal color looks the closest to a diamond?

Swarovski Crystal
tdubya asked:

which Swarovski crystal color looks the closest to a diamond when the light hits it? Is it Crystal AB or Canteloupe?

I just started making jewelry and one of my clients would like her swarovski crystals to “shine like diamonds” and I’m not exactly sure which color would be best for her.

Also, anyone know where I could find swarovski crystals 8mm round at a pretty decent price?

Thanks to all!

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