How to repair discolored fashion jewelry?

fashion jewellery
Sara asked:

I have some rings and necklaces that I’ve gotten from various places like Target, Forever 21, Claires, etc. that I absolutely love, but a lot of them are starting to get discolored in places where the finish is coming off. Is there a way that I can repair this discoloration or a place where I can buy more finish to repair it? Thanks!

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What kind of stone is this? And how much do you think its worth?

crystal jewelery
xDOLLxFACEx asked:

Thanks for reading!

My father-in-law works construction and found a big rock (with this in it) while digging in Eastern Washington state. He chipped off a few pieces and gave them to me as I often buy crystals/rocks for jewelery netting with hemp. But I buy them from local shops already marked with prices and labeled correctly lol

I’m going to make these pieces into necklaces but really aren’t sure of what to call them. Hes told me they are opal but I’d like to know more… I’m finding that there’s a lot of different types of opal out there!

1. What kind of stone is it?

I often sell/barter my necklaces at local events…

2. How much (in USD) do you think would be reasonable for pieces like these?

Thank you!

There’s two pieces from the same rock linked below!

Piece 1

Piece 2

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How can I be a Swarovski crystal bead distributor?

Swarovski Crystal
onmywaytoga asked:

I would like to sell swarovski beads, rondelles and other items from Swarovski necessary for making necklaces and bracelets. Any idea as to how I can be a distributor with buying at wholesale prices?

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