Wedding day jewelry help please?

bridal jewelry
Proud Mommy asked:

My fiancee bought me this necklace for our first Christmas together 5 years ago, , but it is in white gold. My dress is from davids bridal ( style T9168– mine is in Ivory/Champagne. would the necklace look good with the dress? I want a pearl necklace, but my fiancee thinks the necklace he gave me would look better. We decided to ask for outside advice 🙂 Thanks.

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Dress and jewelry pairing.(picts included)?

bridal jewelry
Why? asked:

I’m trying to pair jewelry that will match my wedding gown..

…and here’s the necklace that I purchased, though I’m having second thoughts because I’m wondering if the necklace is too simple. The dress is very plain, so I’m wondering if I should buy a “chunkier” necklace? What do you think…

Thanks in advance. 🙂

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How can I tell if my pearl necklace is real or not?

2Beagles asked:

I received a ‘pearl’ necklace for Christmas one year from a doctor I worked for. I never knew it if was real or not, but the necklace is heavy and the ‘pearls’ feel cold when I put the necklace on. Does anyone know how to tell if pearls are real or not? Thanks!

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