How can i turn a stone into jewelery?

crystal jewelery
Deesh asked:

I have a piece of Quartz. Ive had it for sooo loong. I have seen many people that sell spacers/Plugs out of stones and crystals. I was wondering how they do this and if i could. Im really artsy but i cant seem to figure this one out.

Please please helps me out. Im aiming for something that looks like this:[]=tags&includes[]=title

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Can i add all my healing crystals into the same bag?

healing crystals
emmalampkin asked:

I have just bought some new healing power crystals that have the likes of: Garnet,Hematite,rose quartz,jasper,moonstone (25 in total) and i already have a bag with 4 bigger ones in and i was wondering if i can put the new ones in with the old, and can i add 29 crystals into the same bag and will it still have the same effect as individually..
Or will there be to much going on inn the bag as obviously each crystal has differend healings/meaning etc so is it wise to add them all?

Any help would be much appreciated and i will pick best answer:0)
p.s: I get what u mean when u say there only rocks blah blah, but hey its personal believership and each to there own remember so keep the opinions u give open minded:) x

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Are healing crystals effective?

healing crystals
Child of the Goddess asked:

If you only wear one crystal that’s suited to your certain need or chakra? I know its bad to overdo wearing crystals (as with anything being overdone), but are healing crystals effective for the most part?

I’m considering sapphire, amythest, rose quartz or quartz in general since it is said it helps with clearing negativity and attracting better energy as long as you bless/”clear” them so the previous user’s energy doesn’t attach to you.

If you do believe in healing crystals, which would be most effective for a guy?

I will ignore any smart a** comments so please keep them to yourself, if you have nothing nice or helpful to say move on from this question, thanks.
i see the ignorant atheists and immature kids are on today…how usual…
and the bible belts too, lovely….

Okay, for those who do believe in crystal healing and methods answer only. The others whatever get your two points see if I care.
Crystal, Pangel, Justsyd, and Goddess- thank you ladies 🙂

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