Does my bridal jewelry have to match my engagement ring?

bridal jewelry
natashaiera asked:

My engagement ring is a round center diamond, with a square halo setting. I want to rent simple diamond jewelry for my wedding, but does it need to be the same shape as my ring? & if so, can it be either square or round? Thanks!

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Does anybody know where I can find Sterling Silver earrings in the shape of stars?

crystal earrings
element_girly asked:

I’m looking for some sterling silver earrings that are in the shape of stars. I don’t want and like fancy crystals on them or for them to be colored I just want the regular studs. You guys have no idea how hard it is to find some! You would be awesome if you knew where to find some!

Oh and Ive been to Claires and all those stores and have no luck!

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