How would you add this charm to this charm bracelet?

crystal bracelet
Hallie asked:


it’s not really this charm, but it has the same connecting thing on top. So, it’s basically the same thing, but a different charm at the bottom =)

charm bracelet:

is there like something that you need to buy to connect the charm to the bracelet?

I don’t really want to open up the clasp thing on the charm and try to put it on the bracelet because then it’s going to look ruined and it would be really hard to do that.

so, how do you attach charms??

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For those who buy quality jewellery (sterling silver), how much do you spend on jewellery?

Swarovski pearls
cocoa.pod_stuff asked:

Just wondering how much money do you roughly spend on quality jewellery (sterling silver, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass)? I would also appreciate other info, like roughly how often you buy

Thank you in advance!

PS: Oh, if you are American, by jewellery I mean jewelry.
Please do not try to sell me something. That is not what I have in mind.

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do your ears turn green after wearing 2MM WHITE CRYSTAL CZ EARRINGS STUDS with steel post (not sterling silver

crystal earrings
SWEETnessA asked:

Would my ears turn green or get that icky blue green junk in my ears after wearing 2MM WHITE CRYSTAL Cubic Zirconia EARRINGS STUDS with steel post (not sterling silver) What does steel posts actually mean. Would sterling silver be better for my ears.Hey im going cheap for buying earrings. I lose my earrings if i don’t wear them so i wear studs for as long as i can until i get that icky blue junk and then it gets irritated.

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Hate or Love Swarovski Crystal Beads?

Swarovski beads
iluvmysti asked:

I am a Jeweler; I work with crystal and sterling silver. I would like to know if you **** or love Swarovski crystal beads as jewelry and why?

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