what would look best with my dress?

Swarovski beads
roliver138 asked:

my wedding dress is strapless a line with a lot of beading on top. i am wearing my hair half up with a Swarovski Crystal comb. what kind of Jewelry would go best? i am also going for a simple look.

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What is a good web site to find vintage Swarovski made jewelry?

Swarovski beads
clagodna asked:

I’m looking for some vintage items of Swarovski jewelry made by the Swarovski Company. When I use any search engine, I get tons of sites that have Swarovski beads or handmade items using Swarovski beads, but that’s not the jewelry made by Swarovski themselves. The Swarovski Club might be a site, but I’m not a member and I’m not planning on joinning since I’m really not a collector. Thanks for any help.
The problem with ebay is that everyone is selling the jewelry they made themselves with Swarovski beads. Also most of the other sites are selling the new Swarovski jewelry. I’m looking for vintage Swarovski made jewelry. Thanks

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I want to get my significant other a swarovski braclet and necklace, but I don’t know what reputation this com

Swarovski necklace
Ben I asked:

I am curious is swarovski is considered a luxury good? is it of good quaility with a good reputation? would any girl here like it if they got swarovski jewelry?

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