Swarovski why does it cost so much if its not a precious stone or metal?

crystal jewelery
bend t asked:

What makes it so special compared to other cheap crystal jewelery… other than the name?

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Does anybody know where to buy a pendant that looks like a swarovksi bead with a led light in it?

Swarovski beads
froggy asked:

I know i found one on a website that was swarovski but I also know there are some on the website mysticjewelry.com but there website is not working and they wont answer there phone so I am weary of ordering with them please check out this website so you know what im talking about thanks.

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I am looking for a Swarovski color chart?

Swarovski pearls
presteen619 asked:

I am looking to find and buy a swarovski bead color chart with pearls. I have one for the crystal bead colors. I am looking for one that has pearls on it. Does anyone know where I can get this? I do alot of crafts and need pearls to show colors to people.
Thank You
I want to buy it…not just see colors online.

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Hello,I want to open a bead website, does anyone know how to become a authorized swarovski dearler?

Swarovski beads
mic3sal asked:

Or who sells them real cheap?

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hello there! Anyone interested in jewelry beads with swarovski?where can i display my stuff?

Swarovski beads
ley asked:

there genuine you’ll like it.

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pattern for swarovski heart?

Swarovski beads
Ms. Attitude asked:

does anyone know where i can find a pattern for the swarovski beaded puffy heart?

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I am looking for a Swarovski cube bead in size 6mm in the color light emerald?

Swarovski beads
laura_lou80 asked:

Does Swarovski make a cube bead (#5601) in light emerald? If so, can you direct me to a website? Thanks.

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