Unusual, exotic, unique engagement rings? My boyfriend has hinted that he’d like to know what kind of jewelry?

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Nurse B asked:

I’d like. I’m pretty nontraditional in most senses and don’t care for the gold, marquis style bridal sets.

I love unusual, unique jewelry in silver, titanium and platinum. I’m not against diamonds, I do have some girl like preferences, ha ha… Although I’d be just as happy with a peridot or amethyst.

Can anyone tell me some good places online to get some ideas? I have searched ‘engagement rings’ but get the usual big jewelry shops.

Thanks all!!
Thanks you two! I checked them both out and got some great ideas! I also found HKjewellery.co.uk that has some GREAT things…

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Is a 3mm crystal earring from Clarie’s real?[Pic included]

crystal earrings
Mz.HollyWood asked:

hIts under titanium the second one is it real?
And do you think i should get it as my cartilage stud?ttp://www.claires.com/earrings_landing.asp?top=f&bcid=ear&cid=4

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