What should/would I name my new online E-Bay STore?~*?

Swarovski beads
kwoman asked:

This is for my E-bay shop. I mostly handcraft my items with Swarovski & Czech beads or buy chandelier earrings wholesale and sell individually. . .

Some names I was thinking about:

(Note: Ebay does not allow spaces)





1. ?

2. ?

3. ?

something unique so people won’t forget easily…. =)

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Where can I find the best deals for Swarovski beads?

Swarovski beads
Strawberry Squeeze asked:

I’m looking for the best prices for buying Swarovski/Austrian beads in bulk. Would appreciate names of suppliers (and, if possible, websites) of wholesale Swarovski beads.

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Where can i buy wholesale beads in NYC shopping district?

Swarovski beads
cmarkakis23 asked:

My boyfriend and I are going to New York City this month for a shopping trip. I make jewelry and people tell me to buy my beads in the garment district because i can get a good price. Does anyone know where i can buy jewelry making supplies, mainly beads (I use swarovski crystals) in the garment district or anywhere in NYC?


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How can I be a Swarovski crystal bead distributor?

Swarovski Crystal
onmywaytoga asked:

I would like to sell swarovski beads, rondelles and other items from Swarovski necessary for making necklaces and bracelets. Any idea as to how I can be a distributor with buying at wholesale prices?

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